Luciole November 2016


Time for heroes

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, shortly before his death in 2008, said, as an old man worn by the rotten shots of contemporary history, that Western world was undergoing an eclipse of intelligence, a spiritual exhaustion. We can see that. We could blame soulless legalism , blind rationalism, lack of inner life, corruption of the rulers… It’s now a fact within reach of everyone.

What came next was more exciting : Solzhenitsyn foretold that there would be an ultimate survival reflex, that people would stand up. These small glimmering “fireflies” would rise on behalf of the truth of life. They would hide manifestos, teach their children to repel state propaganda and finally break the spiral of decline.

Western civilization today is clearly a disaster. We have millions of images, opinions, emotions and comments that nobody cares about. Brilliant people exhaust their intelligence and their soul on blogs, virtual reality doomed to electricity hazard and oblivion.  What a waste !
Where is human adventure today? It is in South-American mines with Garimpeiros, on rubbish heaps slums in Asia maybe. Nothing happens anymore in our sanitized Western world, even in our famous ghettos. Jihadists, these young misfits who go to Syria or Iraq are just seeking adventure. These desperados are killed in the Middle East to get a chance to become someone. The adventure would be, indeed, just as exciting if we offered to white youth to go convert Muslims in a Catholic crusade.  But, to convert Muslims isn’t proper nowadays. They prefer to kill Muslims, in the name of “democracy”.

Since Jesus, we’ve waited for a hero able to prepare our souls to heaven. No one is there yet and great minds, like Alexander Solzhenitsyn, are gone. We are all trapped in boxes, stuck to our keyboards, suffering a spiritual exhaustion. We didn’t receive proper education, we were raised by TV shows and  blabla dispensed in state controlled schools. We are not able to think right, because our brains were not fed properly. World War III is coming and we won’t even be able to die properly.

Right ? Not so fast. Remember Solzhenitsyn’s “ultimate survival reflex”. This zine is a seed that will germinate in your mind and help you escape the matrix which conditions your brain. Look at people around you, fashionable, bent over their keyboards, listening to “cool” music, doing exactly what is expected from them… It’s actually the right time to stand up : our modern superficial world is collapsing, all their mental control tools are challenged, war and the freedom it offers are coming. You can also become someone now. It’s time for you to be a hero.

Swedish model

Louis Salleron analyzed in 1975, the « Swedish model » and showed how Swedish principle of democracy were tyrannical and fatal to freedom. It is chilling to see how Aldous Huxley brave new world has spread from Sweden to all Western world in XXIst century.

Paradoxes are that we live in countries with liberal appearance but where taxes burden more and more heavily our revenues. In addition, conservative intellectuals and religious minorities serve as a foil to a dominant cultural model that makes people « tolerant, liberal », practically indifferent and ultimately enslaved. This social unanimity was achieved by the various social democratic governments in power for decades.

This conditioning of our minds is operated by bureaucracy, technocracy, and the mainstream medias. We have here to underline the collusion of business circles and unions to reject collective ownership of enterprises as their nationalization, according to secret agreements. Those who govern us are few, a few hundred individuals. These « elites » decide everything and know each other very well.

Training is standardized for individuals at every level (professors, journalists, judges, police officers). The brains come from the same mold and speak a limited language, technical, standardizing. This is to create the new man, intellectually and spiritually conditioned. People learn to think in a group, rejecting individuality and originality to impose group conformity. It is a ready-to-think tyranny that explains the strange apathy of  press and universities in front of the Leviathans formed by globalization. Television was a mean of very powerful indoctrination, internet tends to be controlled by various draconian laws, increasingly numerous.

People keep the feeling of living in a democracy. We have the right to talk about anything, according to all opinions, they say. Thinkers and « divergent » intellectuals are regularly removed by lawsuits, heavy fines and lack of invitation to the debates featured in the mainstream medias. Their death in medias is generally enough to eliminate them. If not they are physically removed without the media talking about it. Music, press, cinema, theater depend on state institutions that subsidize them . The result is a filter which only shows, books, articles by  professionals obeying the official dogma.

Regarding religion, the only acceptable one for intellectuals is atheism. Our modern societies have become spiritual deserts, our conversations are limited to emotional feelings about television shows or internet videos. Man, for sure, needs to answer metaphysical questions. Where are the answers to this quest ? On the internet…

The consequences are evident in the deterioration of public morals (those of our heads of state and our « stars ») and private, immoral acts, decline of true religieous marriage and increase in divorces, with their dramatic consequences on our societies. The cost of this decadence of our morality is huge in terms of social violence, delinquency, crime. We must also mention the impact on the psychological health of individuals. Drug use (legal and illegal), consultation of psychiatrists,  suicide rates in our countries no longer alarm anyone …

America’s gone ?

Donald Trump has collected the votes of middle and working-classes, small impoverished Whites who saw their factories relocated in China. The speech of Donald Trump, no doubt, is intended to this America lost on the road to 21st century. This America was embodied by Douglas MacArthur, John Wayne and the tough white generations who promised a land where work and success were given to braves. Donald Trump wants to launch major projects to revive the economy and raise import taxes to protect American economy. I would like Mr. Trump to take back control of printing dollar notes, and kick the owners of the Federal Bank back to hell. This would be a strong sign to regain Norman Rockwell America.
America is gone. It is not only the society project that has changed since the postwar period, it is the population. I already see, here as elsewhere in the West, America’s population replacement. Contemporary Americans do not look at all like John Wayne. Massive immigration and miscegenation has been organized for decades. These young urban people, whether “nerds” ectomorphs or bodybuilders swollen with anabolics, with their caps and headsets on the head, do not seem to live up to civilization challenge. Intellectually, the decline of America was organized by calamitous teaching methods, poor programs, perverse ideologies and the systematic use of computers to relay morons programs of TV. The capacity for reflection and analysis of the average American, like all generations of the Western world, was affected. Black youth continue to ruminate about the injustice of slavery that affected their great-great-grandfathers and the new immigrants, refugees in their cultural ghettos, take only the money from America. They don’t give a damn about American Way of Life.
I was one of these immigration candidates. I wanted to become an American, with all my soul. I loved clean alleys, peaceful  suburban districts,  fantastic American cars and caramel smell in shopping malls. I learned American history at University, I learned English. I had some good American friends. I worked and paid my taxes but America did not want of me at that time. I did not want a fake marriage to obtain the right to stay. This was not how I wanted to become American. This is why I hope that Donald Trump is sincere and he manages to get America back to its ethics for the well-being of American citizens. We will all gain if globalist Leviathan is fought in America.
I wish good luck to Donald Trump. I want him to be really an accident for the mighty freaks who decided to make this planet a global village populated by lobotomized slaves. I note that in his acceptance speech, Mr. Trump specially thanked the people of the Secret Services. If Donald Trump is really an accident in the global elite program, he actually has to worry about secret services… The same covered up the murder of John Kennedy, organized the murder of several thousand Americans at World Trade Center and organized so many wars in the world.
I do not forget that Donald Trump belongs to the establishment. Otherwise, he could not have run in the US elections. I obviously envisage he is B. The elites who rule America and the world have all the cards. They had Clinton as A and Trump as B ! For the show, they opposed two of their servants. If It’s right, Trump will, sadly, do what they tell him to do.
But there is still a higher court : God. When all seems lost, God will sweep this Babel Tower. This is what’s in Fatima prophecies. By the way, we celebrate their centenary in 2017…


Need real stuff ?

Game masters allow a few twisted minds to rise only to destroy our societies. Teenagers were handed over to Marilyn Manson. This poor creature intended, no doubt, to shock puritan churches of his childhood with puerile provocations. But it mainly served to accustom youngsters to gender theory , officially imposed since. Dan Bilzerian mainly communicates about his orgiastic use of escort-girls. He counterbalances/justifies the harsh attacks of feminists on the sexual exploitation of women. His message reinforces porn corruption. I could go on with the greed and cynicism of Martin Shkreli which increases the price of a drug of 5000%, while being funny and guitar player. The pharmaceutical industries must observe with interest the course of their foal …
This is called transgression, an overcoming of the legal and / or cultural limits of our societies. I believe that the transgressions of Marilyn Manson, Dan Bilzerian or Martin Shkreli are weak.

I would suggest other transgressions, which I consider more audacious, to these audacious gentlemen :

I remember Nikola Tesla who invented an electric motor that provided infinite and free energy. His engine did not require Morgan’s copper cables to carry electricity. Morgan made sure that Tesla was ruined and isolated. Since then, those who wanted to build dynamos on Tesla’s model have been raided by the FBI, such as Adam Trombly ( under the leadership of George H. W. Bush) or the Canadian John Hutchinson. Others were assaulted as John Bedini, even killed as Eugene Mallove, MIT and Harvard engineer.
It may be time to denounce the military-industrial complex (Exxon Mobil owned by Rockefeller, Shell, Goldman Sachs, British Petroleum, Bank of America, Chase Manhattan Bank, Petro-Canada, Total, Marathon Oil) who imposes us oil, right?

Let’s talk about the Rockefellers who also control our diet. They are at the origin of the “green revolution” of the 60-70’s. It was them who convinced the farmers to cultivate large monoculture plots with their petroleum-based pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. This idea came from the Science Division of the Rockefeller Foundation in partnership with Cargill, Du Pont, Bunge, Continental, Monsanto … Our taxes subsidized these big companies, family farms have disappeared, biodiversity was destroyed and industrial products And chemicals have permanently polluted our soils and groundwater. Ah, I forgot, these GM crops are sterile, they do not produce seeds that can be replanted.
“Who controls the food supply controls the people; Who controls the energy can control all continents; Who controls the money can control the world » wrote Henry Kissinger in 1973…

I could also mention the National Education Association (NEA), which, with the help of the Carnegie Foundation and the Ford Foundation, has worked to train you, obedient and docile workforce and enthusiastic consumers, in your schools. (See John Gatto, New York State teacher of the year, author of The Underground History of American Education). I also name American Medical Association, supported by the Rockefellers, as well as the National Dairy Council, Beef, American sugar alliance and The major pharmaceutical companies that train US physicians … to follow their recommendations, silencing the side effects of some drugs for profit.

Think of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife, who in the 1920s was achieving astounding success in the destruction of tumors and viruses at the University of California. His laboratory was burnt down in 1934. Morris Fishbein, who was then in charge of the Journal of the American Medical Association, had taken care of him… The same happened to treatments inherited from the Ojiwe Indians used by René Caisse and Harry Hoxsey and Max Gerson natural remedies. One could evoke for hours deletions of non profitable medical treatment. Only treatments that can be patented by laboratories and can be offered over a long period of time are disclosed on the market.

Big finance controls energy, food, education and health. Governments, parliaments, armies, police and tax administration obey Bechtel, Exxon, General Electric, Halliburton, Pfizer, News Corporation, Monsanto.
These corporations receive preferential rates from major banks (Citybank, Chase Manhattan Bank, Bank of America, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, HSBC) to acquire global resources and control markets
Central banks control the major banks, obey the IMF, the World Bank, which together with the International Bank for Settlements belongs to the Rothschilds and c°…

I am still waiting for Marilyn Manson, Dan Bilzerian, Martin Shkreli, etc. to be authorized to talk about these issues…


Mental AIDS

Louis Pauwels wrote, in 1986, about ” children of stupid rock, beggars fed with sub-ideological soup cooked in show-biz, bewildered by anti-racist commandments.”  For these youngsters, he wrote, nothing seemed better than to be nothing, but all together, to go nowhere. They were drunk with a generosity which resembled love but turned against any kind of order. Selection, promotion of personal effort and individual responsibility, immigration barriers, fight against drugs, etc., bristled them. These young people had lost natural immunities; all the viruses reached them. They had mental AIDS.
Words of an old jerk, reactionary and retrograde? Certainly. Louis Pauwels was talking about me, about your parents. I must admit he was right.

(see Louis PAUWELS, The Monome of the Zombies. Figaro Magazine editorial, December 6, 1986.)


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